Instrument for measuring garter springs

New instruments series for measuring garter springs

Dear Customer,

For many years MicroStudio is the leading company for the production of instruments to measure garter springs, extension springs for Jacquard works, or guide wires. That’s the reason why we have decided to renew this range of equipment.

It is composed of a fully automatic machine to check load and dimensions of such springs and a portable caliper to be used directly in the workshop.

The PMG is a fully automatic instrument that, in less than 7 seconds can:

• Measure the free length up to 720 mm;

• Measure the OD thanks to a telecamera;

• Check the loads at different positions according to the will of the operator.

As all MicroStudio instruments, the PMG uses the PMAR8 software to execute the measurements and study the results.

The caliper CAL-G1 completes the range to allow doing the tests in the workshop.

It’s a hand-operated fixture, able to measure accurately the free length up to 600 mm. It is very accurate as it uses the electric contact system, to perform the measurement of the free length. The CAL-G1 is using rechargeable batteries. It can be used near by the spring coiler.

The time spent to check the springs is reduced and the system avoids errors and production drift.