Calibration of measurement instruments

The calibration service offers the possibility to periodically submit the machines to a check of their performances.
A specialized technician performs on site all the procedures and surveys to ensure the conformity of the machine with the expected performances. The service includes the issuing and sending of a calibration report where the results are recorded. To better meet the needs of its customers, MicroStudio’s sales offices are always available to remind any deadlines and to define the terms of the related service.

Verification and Characterization of springs

MicroStudio offers a complete range of complementary services to complete the supply and installation of its instruments.
The spring characterization service offers to the customer the possibility of outsourcing the verification of their samples.
The control can take place in terms of: dimensional measurement, compression, extension or torque performance measurement or fatigue test.
MicroStudio is able to perform tests and verifications by providing to the customer the documented measurements of the tests carried out.


The assistance and maintenance service, efficient and responsive, allows the customer to have a punctual and immediate reaction to any problem, and is always available for any technical support or for any other need, being able to count on the preparation, experience and professionalism of his organization.