Safety system for old mechanical coilers

Dear Customers,

It is likely you still run old coilers, still in good shape, but not in accordance with the present European safety regulations. Retrofitting the controls is costly and not worth doing it in comparison to the work rendered.

So, MicroStudio can probably assist.

There are still many “vintage” spring coilers producing a single product to the satisfaction of it’s owner. To meet with the safety regulations MicroStudio have a solution.

The motorized pay-off reel ASC are using certified electronic drive systems, which can also control your mechanical coiler and make it compatible with the EC security requirements.

Thus, without installing new electronic controls in your existing machine, you can acquire a motorized dereeler type ASC which will make the use of your coiler safer and in accordance with the safety regulations.

We can apply this solution to any model of coiler. If you are interested, please contact us indicating the brand and model of machine you have, send us various photos especially of the control panel. Mention the subject: ACS-SAFE.

We will study the feasibility of your request and submit a proposal.