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What Cookie are

Cookies are portions of code sent to the User's browser from the website visited. It allows the site to store information, settings and preferences such as the display language.
This may facilitate subsequent visits by the User and increase the usefulness of the site in its favor.
Cookies are used for different purposes. MicroStudio uses them, for example, to remember the chosen settings, to register Users for their services or to show promotional videos.
When the installation of Cookies takes place on the basis of consent, this consent may be revoked at any time.

Types of Cookie used by MicroStudio


Cookie from third parts


The site uses Google cookies to offer a better service. To find out the purposes and scope of data collection, refer to the Privacy Policy and to the Cookie Policy by Google.
Social Media

The site uses social plug-ins from different social network providers. These plug-ins allow you to interact with various platforms to share an article, a video or any content that allows it.
If the user clicks on one of these links and accesses the respective site, the responsibility of MicroStudio will cease permanently.
To find out the reasons and scope of data collection, as well as related rights and settings to protect privacy, the user must refer to the privacy information of social network providers:
Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - Google +
Social Plugins install Cookies on the site. Cookies collect data such as browser information, demographics, interaction data, page views, cookie data, Internet service providers, page views, IP address or user search history.
Cookie policy of the aforementioned Social Network platforms:
Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - Google +
How to disable Cookie

Cookies can be limited or blocked using the Browser settings.
In each Browser the settings are changed following a different procedure.
If necessary, refer to the links below to find out how to disable cookies in the most popular browsers:
Google Chrome - Firefox - Safari - Explorer - Opera
For legal purposes only the Italian version is valid.
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